The natural flow of the universe is itself a life, a living, alive and thinking body. The most unique thought which gives life to all living and nonliving things(according to our definition otherwise count everything as alive, a living body). "Karam karta ki karni hai or karta ke Karam ka fal karta ko to milta hi hai parantu Karam krwane wale ko bhi milta hai." Humans = delay in work completion. More Humans = Complex equation. "Work which should be done by me is being done by some other person in future(future- in my context)." Let me explain it: Suppose, some work is assigned to me and I have not completed that work in time or in my lifetime. Now, this work got delayed by me. And now this work is going to complete by some other person in different time. In my future and that person's present. Similarly, what I am doing is someone else's thoughts + my own and my present thoughts. Everything is going to combine and will generate some output. Useful and not useful. Now something which is not useful to me is important to someone else. Which indicate that nothing is useless. And if you relate it to yourself or any other person then not any person or a living being are useless. Our existence on this universe is the proof of our uniqueness and presence. You belong to this world!! No other permission is needed. Coming back to my thoughts... Everything is arranged in some order, pattern and in loop. Repetition. Multiple people are thinking the same thing at the same time or at different time. The question is - What is reality? Well, for me, Everything is real!! Each and every timeline is real.

Try to know the Science behind it or leave it as it is. You exist in Now Time! If you like it then give 👍❤and feedback😇 Loveya. K.P🙂

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