About Life

Life is a puzzle and I am Crazy,

When I wonder, I feel lazy.

See deep inside, in the sea,

I am there, I am still alive.

My soul bring my body to the end,

I am getting older and older.

I get pale and I get faint,

I am in danger but I can't wait.

Lots of truth and lots of dare,

Lots of fighting here and there.

Catch the right word and note in your book,

Make it a sentence that's key to another world.

Life is a circle, Life is a sphere.

Life is with me and everywhere.

It is a for loop,

It is a while loop,

Or a loop of infinity.

Body is a medium, the soul is a wave,

the journey of my life is endless.

This is my journey. This is my truth or I am in inception dreaming for the good.

LoveYa K.P😊


late post: 4/10/2011,10:30 pm

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