How About The In Between Things.. 🤩

How do you fill up the gap between anything you encounter with? How do you get the conclusion or the gist from anything you come across?

We all approach to each other to get our answers. Whatever I write I use my centered collective knowledge which I get from my observation. For example: If I am giving any speech so I can write few lines about it. How I'm feeling on the stage? How people are looking at me and their expression? The way a person call me on the stage. Those in between communication (which are known to yourself only) which is hard to understand and are hidden, I love to take out those meaningful understanding and love to know about it. And it's good to know your thoughts.

All the time I'm trying to connect with others thought and good thing is people are doing the same. People around you do try to connect with you. Want to know about you or vise-versa. We all are looking for something and trying to connect or trying to understand ourselves and others to achieve our goal.

"So, Keep exploring and achieving your goal :)"

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