Top 5 English Songs

"Music is in the air. Even we are not listening music, it is there. Everywhere!!"

Here are my Today's top 5 songs:

  1. Lily: Alan Walker, Emelie Hollow & K-391

  2. Ignite: K-391 & Alan Walker

  3. Forever Young: UNDRESSD

  4. We Belong Together: Mariah Carey

  5. My Dilemma: Selena Gomez & The Scene.

We all love to listen music. It brings joy in our life and motivate us, keep us in a very positive mood. Some songs or music thrills us and give goosebumps. Every cell of our body automatically starts moving. I keep exploring more and more for new rhythm and I prefer to listen songs instead of watching them. I love to do my work and parallel I listen songs or any instrumental music, it keeps me much focused towards my work.

That's it for today. Hope you are going to like them.

Please do share your Today's Top 5 songs too...

See you soon!!

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